Faster Than A Standup

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  • Episode 149: The Aim Is Really The Horizon

    In this parking lot-sized episode, we have a very deep discussion about a transformation. Brent, Dale, and Michael do a deep dive into what a Dojo is, how a transformation domain for that dojo would be created, and how to use critical conversations to help the domain get off to the right start.

  • Episode 148: That’s A Good Call To Action

    In this very brief conversation, Brent, Justin, and Ronnie ask you to action. We’re wanting our listeners to give us feedback about how agile expertise is shared in your organization and what you think works best, is it a centralized model across an entire organization or a distributed model throughout the organization.

  • Episode 147: Prioritize Which Changes They Should Focus On

    The last iteration in our Change Management series discusses change fatigue. Amy, Brent, Dustin, Erin, and Michal cover how real change fatigue is to teams, individuals, and leaders. Topics include how to prioritize the changes and recognizing that change is everywhere, not just on a given team.

  • Episode 146: Be Seen Supportive Of The Change

    In the sixth iteration of our Change Management series, we cover the impact of change management from the perspective of individual contributors. In this conversation, Amy, Brent, Erin, and Michal discuss feedback loops, how multiple layers of leaders play a role in making a change be positive for teams, and why honesty is the best…

  • Episode 145: The Feedback Loop Is Super Important

    The fifth iteration of our Change Management series discusses the intentionality of Change Management. In this conversation Amy, Brent, Erin, and Michal go over topics such as how change management is not just doing a plan, what change management is like on a sprint cadence, and the return on investment of change.

  • Episode 144: Being Intentional With Those Tasks Are Very Important

    The fourth iteration in our Change Management series covers the cost of doing or not doing Change Management In this conversation Amy, Brent, Erin, and Michal cover the rumor mill, the telephone game, as well as how to create the capacity to do Change Management.

  • Episode 143: Want To Be Part Of Something

    In the third iteration of our Change Management series, we have a conversation about those who are advocates of change. Amy, Brent, Erin, and Michal discuss the individual contributors who help drive organizational change but aren’t part of the original decision.

  • Episode 142: You Have To React Immediately

    We continue our series on Change Management with a conversation on well-run and poorly-run change. Amy, Brent, Erin, Dustin, and Michal cover topics about how change can pivot from bad to well run and where leadership can play a role in pivoting change.

  • Episode 141: Change In Their Everyday Life

    We start the fifth season with a series on Change Management. Amy, Brent, Dustin, Erin, and Michal start the series with a conversation covering a variety of topics, such as why people are important in Change Management.

  • Episode 140: It’s A Monumental Challenge

    In our season four finale and our last repeat episode, we build off of the last episode and discuss change management with Amy, Brent, Jesse, Robin, and Teresa.