Month: March 2022

  • Episode 113: Discover A Dependency And Now You’re Stuck (or ‘There Will Be Pizza’)

    Brent, Sunny, and Justin continue the conversation from the last iteration. They discuss a variety of topics, such as backlog refinement and the characteristics of good Product Owners. They also discuss what happens to teams that don’t do a backlog refinement, and why Scrum Masters could bring snacks to sprint planning.

  • Episode 112: A Better Understanding Of What Size A Story Is.

    In this fifth iteration of a series of scrum fundamentals, we discuss backlog refinement. Brent, Justin, and Sunny give their definition of backlog refinement and discuss if it should be considered an event. They share an interesting example of a team that had a unique way of handling refinement, and they discuss the Product Owner role.

  • Episode 111: How We Get Better, Not How You Get Better.

    In this fourth iteration of a series of scrum fundamentals, we discuss retrospectives. Brent, Danielle, Sunny, and Justin share their thoughts on retrospectives. They talk about some important questions and data to consider during this team introspection, before creating the insights from this meeting. They also discuss which roles should be included in a retro, who should […]

  • Episode 110: What You Did Is Really Important

    In this third iteration of a series of scrum fundamentals, we discuss sprint reviews. Brent, Danielle, and Sunny define the importance of a sprint review meeting and well as share their opinions on showcasing the work done in the sprint. They also discuss the roles during the sprint review, especially that of the product owner […]