Tag: Agile

  • Episode 142: You Have To React Immediately

    We continue our series on Change Management with a conversation on well-run and poorly-run change. Amy, Brent, Erin, Dustin, and Michal cover topics about how change can pivot from bad to well run and where leadership can play a role in pivoting change.

  • Episode 141: Change In Their Everyday Life

    We start the fifth season with a series on Change Management. Amy, Brent, Dustin, Erin, and Michal start the series with a conversation covering a variety of topics, such as why people are important in Change Management.

  • Episode 139: Focus Continues On The Why

    As we continue to revisit prior episodes, we bring back a Parking Lot episode on organizational change and leadership from last season with Amy, Brent, Jesse, Robin, and Teresa.

  • Episode 138: When You Do The Fundamentals, It’s Easy

    Our third trip in the time machine is another combination of two episodes into a parking lot-sized one from Season 2 where Brent, Patrick, and Sunny cover two opposing myths about time and Agile (mostly discussing Scrum as “Agile”): that Agile doesn’t have deadlines or takes too much time.

  • Episode 137: It’s Very Hard To Push This New Initiative

    In our second trip down memory lane, we’re combining two episodes into a parking lot-sized one from Season 2 (Episodes 42, and 43). The conversation with Mark, Patrick, and Ryan starts on the challenges of sharing resources across teams. In the second half, we planned to discuss managing resources, but took a pivot.

  • Episode 136: Need Leaders Who Are Listeners

    In our first rerun, we revisit Psychological Safety from season three with Jesse Mar Chun and Teresa Kremer. They discuss the Westrum Culture survey, the benefits of a generative culture, and how an Agile and DevOps environment benefits from a safe environment starting at the top of the organization.

  • Episode 134: Purpose Is Such A Strong Motivator

    Brent, Dennis, and Philipp have a conversation about Domain Driven Design (DDD). As part of the discussion, they also cover the relationships with microservices, design thinking, the various classifications in DDD and the Business Model Canvas.

  • Episode 133: Commit To One And See If It Works

    In this iteration, Brent, Gus, and Justin take a request from a listener and start the conversation about maintenance-focused teams and whether or not they should be a Scrum team or a Kanban team. The conversation also goes down a path about selection biases for coaches and scrum masters.

  • Episode 132: Recognize What They Can Do Better Next Time

    In the last iteration of the Cloud Mindset series, Brent and Markus have a parking lot-sized conversation about failure and how it relates to Empowerment and Delegation. They discuss the three types of failure from Amy Edmondson, how failure works in an agile environment, and how teams can improve from experimentation.

  • Episode 131: Two Sides Of The Same Thing

    In the next iteration of the Cloud Mindset series, Brent and Markus discuss the principle of Empowerment and Delegation. They cover Decision Poker, Delegation Poker, the agile value of courage, and how multipliers are used in an agile setting.