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  • Episode 109: I Can See That Perspective Now

    As a continuation of iteration 87 from last season (Adhering to the principles and values), we have our first parking lot, discussing viewpoints on timeboxed or pointed spikes. Brent, Justin, and Sunny discuss questions such as, “What spikes are used for? Should spikes be time-boxed or story-pointed? Does the time come out of capacity? Is […]

  • Episode 108: Conversation Solves So Many Problems Down The Road.

    In this second iteration of a series of scrum fundamentals, we discuss sprint planning.  Brent, Sunny, and Justin share their opinions on good practices, potential pitfalls, and that ‘one thing’ that everyone should do in sprint planning.   Although they have slightly nuanced views on the amount of information that teams may need to get started, […]

  • Episode 107: Share Important Information At The Right Time

    The daily scrum, the daily meeting, the daily stand up…it goes by many names, but the purpose is the same. It’s a short team-centered meeting to share important information at the right time to the right team members in service of the sprint goal. In this first iteration of a series of Scrum fundamentals, Brent […]