Tag: DevOps

  • Episode 139: Focus Continues On The Why

    As we continue to revisit prior episodes, we bring back a Parking Lot episode on organizational change and leadership from last season with Amy, Brent, Jesse, Robin, and Teresa.

  • Episode 136: Need Leaders Who Are Listeners

    In our first rerun, we revisit Psychological Safety from season three with Jesse Mar Chun and Teresa Kremer. They discuss the Westrum Culture survey, the benefits of a generative culture, and how an Agile and DevOps environment benefits from a safe environment starting at the top of the organization.

  • Episode 128: Look For Your Crazy Teammate And Join Them

    Join Brent, Dale, and Jesse in this first for this podcast “live” session. Recorded from Cloud Culture Day and reposted with permission from the Product Engineering team hosting the session, they discuss a wide range of topics while answering questions from the audience: DevOps as a verb, where psychological safety is important, and how sometimes […]

  • Episode 121: Behavior And Mindset Changes Are More Important

    In this eighth iteration in this series of DevOps fundamentals, Sunny, Jessie, and Dominik wrap up the series talking about CALMS, TOIL, and how DevOps is the trend the world is moving towards. They offer advice to new people starting out and some characteristics that managers and independent contributors should have. They also reflect on […]

  • Episode 120: They Just Focus On Their Customer

    In the seventh discussion in the DevOps fundamentals series, Sunny, Jesse, and Dominik have a parking lot conversation about outcomes and metrics. Our experts discuss a quick timeline of DevOps history, and then share that the successes of the companies who used DevOps. They look at some things to measure and affect change, some of […]

  • Episode 119: How To Start A Learning Culture

    The DevOps Fundamentals series continues with iteration six and a discussion on a having “learning culture.” Until this point, we discussed optimizing the performance of a system from end to end, and then giving time to learn by amplifying feedback loops. Now comes the culture of continual experimentation and learning to take advantage of the […]

  • Episode 118: Making Sure You Have Good Code Quality

    This discussion could not be contained to 15 min or less, so here’s the parking lot on feedback loops, from the last iteration with Sunny, Jesse, and Dominik joined by Brent. They introduce the topic of feedback loops with a discussion about musical instruments and buying unbroken eggs from the store. Our experts discuss several […]

  • Episode 117: The Best Engineers Will Leave

    In this fourth iteration of a series of DevOps fundamentals, Sunny, Jesse, and Dominik discuss the technical aspects of how we get things going inside teams. They discuss improving the Developer experience by “shifting left”, value stream mapping, and the three ways of DevOps.  They also discuss the “claim your 20% campaign,” which allows engineers […]

  • Episode 116: They Thought They Could Do A Better Way

    In this third iteration of a series of DevOps fundamentals, Sunny, Jesse, and Dominik discuss culture and change. They define culture, and discuss ways to the shift culture in DevOps. They share some microsteps to affect behavior change as well as some actions that are never effective at promoting change. For more information, check out […]

  • Episode 115: This Is Also Something We Had To Learn

    In this second iteration of a series of DevOps fundamentals, Sunny, Jesse, and Dominik discuss the theory and the important contributors to the origins of DevOps. They discuss the difference between being complicated versus being complex, the importance of customers (and competitors), and the DevOps mindset.