Tag: Series

  • Episode 142: You Have To React Immediately

    We continue our series on Change Management with a conversation on well-run and poorly-run change. Amy, Brent, Erin, Dustin, and Michal cover topics about how change can pivot from bad to well run and where leadership can play a role in pivoting change.

  • Episode 141: Change In Their Everyday Life

    We start the fifth season with a series on Change Management. Amy, Brent, Dustin, Erin, and Michal start the series with a conversation covering a variety of topics, such as why people are important in Change Management.

  • Episode 140: It’s A Monumental Challenge

    In our season four finale and our last repeat episode, we build off of the last episode and discuss change management with Amy, Brent, Jesse, Robin, and Teresa.

  • Episode 139: Focus Continues On The Why

    As we continue to revisit prior episodes, we bring back a Parking Lot episode on organizational change and leadership from last season with Amy, Brent, Jesse, Robin, and Teresa.

  • Episode 138: When You Do The Fundamentals, It’s Easy

    Our third trip in the time machine is another combination of two episodes into a parking lot-sized one from Season 2 where Brent, Patrick, and Sunny cover two opposing myths about time and Agile (mostly discussing Scrum as “Agile”): that Agile doesn’t have deadlines or takes too much time.

  • Episode 132: Recognize What They Can Do Better Next Time

    In the last iteration of the Cloud Mindset series, Brent and Markus have a parking lot-sized conversation about failure and how it relates to Empowerment and Delegation. They discuss the three types of failure from Amy Edmondson, how failure works in an agile environment, and how teams can improve from experimentation.

  • Episode 131: Two Sides Of The Same Thing

    In the next iteration of the Cloud Mindset series, Brent and Markus discuss the principle of Empowerment and Delegation. They cover Decision Poker, Delegation Poker, the agile value of courage, and how multipliers are used in an agile setting.

  • Episode 130: Far Superior To The Fibonacci Sequence

    In this parking lot (but regular length) iteration as part of the Cloud Mindset series, Brent, Michael, and Ryan discuss story points in a data-driven process. The conversation includes gamification of estimation, how teams need to buy into whatever process is used, metaphors for teams, venting egos, as well as physics.

  • Episode 129: So Now You Got Happy Workers, Happy Boss

    In this next iteration in the Cloud Mindset series, Brent, Michael, and Ryan discuss the principle of Data-Driven Decision Making. There is also some conversation about how teams rebalance resources, why and how teams would do a story point recalibration, along with rules for games on the playground, and drawing toast.

  • Episode 128: Look For Your Crazy Teammate And Join Them

    Join Brent, Dale, and Jesse in this first for this podcast “live” session. Recorded from Cloud Culture Day and reposted with permission from the Product Engineering team hosting the session, they discuss a wide range of topics while answering questions from the audience: DevOps as a verb, where psychological safety is important, and how sometimes […]