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  • Episode 132: Recognize What They Can Do Better Next Time

    In the last iteration of the Cloud Mindset series, Brent and Markus have a parking lot-sized conversation about failure and how it relates to Empowerment and Delegation. They discuss the three types of failure from Amy Edmondson, how failure works in an agile environment, and how teams can improve from experimentation.

  • Episode 131: Two Sides Of The Same Thing

    In the next iteration of the Cloud Mindset series, Brent and Markus discuss the principle of Empowerment and Delegation. They cover Decision Poker, Delegation Poker, the agile value of courage, and how multipliers are used in an agile setting.

  • Episode 130: Far Superior To The Fibonacci Sequence

    In this parking lot (but regular length) iteration as part of the Cloud Mindset series, Brent, Michael, and Ryan discuss story points in a data-driven process. The conversation includes gamification of estimation, how teams need to buy into whatever process is used, metaphors for teams, venting egos, as well as physics.

  • Episode 129: So Now You Got Happy Workers, Happy Boss

    In this next iteration in the Cloud Mindset series, Brent, Michael, and Ryan discuss the principle of Data-Driven Decision Making. There is also some conversation about how teams rebalance resources, why and how teams would do a story point recalibration, along with rules for games on the playground, and drawing toast.

  • Episode 128: Look For Your Crazy Teammate And Join Them

    Join Brent, Dale, and Jesse in this first for this podcast “live” session. Recorded from Cloud Culture Day and reposted with permission from the Product Engineering team hosting the session, they discuss a wide range of topics while answering questions from the audience: DevOps as a verb, where psychological safety is important, and how sometimes…

  • Episode 127: Complexities That Need To Be Unearthed

    In this parking lot edition, Brent, Dirk, and Jesse continue the conversation on the Cloud Mindset principle of End to End Ownership and Collaboration. They discuss the parts of a value stream map, how software development contrasts with other ways of manufacturing, why people skills are important in software develop, what the title of the…

  • Episode 126: This Is How I See That Thing Works

    In this iteration of the Cloud Culture Mindset, Brent, Dirk, and Jesse discuss the principle of End to End Ownership and Collaboration. The conversation covers what the principle is about and how teams benefit from strong team-based decision-making and workflows.

  • Episode 125: The Right Decision At The Right Time

    In this iteration, Brent is joined by Agnieszka and Jesse as they discuss another Cloud Culture principle: Ruthless Prioritization. The conversation covers focusing on value, how great Product Owners can create innovative products, and what’s important in the balancing act between customer wants or needs and technical debt.

  • Episode 124: Opportunities Where Learning Is A Good Thing

    Brent, Jesse, Klaus, and Mike talk about “Continual Learning and Relentless Improvement,” which is a Cloud Culture Principle. Our experts define what this idea means and why it’s important. They talk about psychological and technological safety, the ability to grow and adapt, and having a common language. They answer the question how does earning your…

  • Episode 123: That’s A Bottom Line Issue

    In anticipation of Cloud Culture Day on May 24; Brent is joined by Agnieszka and Mike on one of the most important principles of Cloud Culture, which is to “Earn Your Customer Every Day.” Our experts define who the customer is, how the steps are now a bit different than they had been, and what…